How do you know when God speaks? Paradigm Shift Label's Audris shares her experience

How do you know when God speaks? Paradigm Shift Label's Audris shares her experience

By Jasmine L

How do you know when God speaks? Paradigm Shift Label's Audris shares her experience

The first thing you may notice about Audris is her effervescent personality. Or her infectious energy. The 25-year-old seems to have boundless drive, and seems always up for a new challenge or adventure. 

At Ponder and Bind, we got the privilege of Zooming with her one October afternoon - chatting about her fashion label, Paradigm Shift Label - and how God brought her dream to life. 

Paradigm Shift Label is just as its name suggests - it aims to quite literally create a shift in the industry away from fast fashion. Instead it focuses on paying its producers a fair wage, according its workers dignity, honouring craftsmanship, and helping consumers understand the weight of their choices when choosing what they wear. 

The Long Black. (Photo: Paradigm Shift Label)

It started with a versatile t-shirt dress called the Long Black, named after - you guessed it - the coffee. Launched on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in 2019, more than 150 people backed the project and raised almost S$13,000 to bring it to life. Audris then set about getting it ethically produced in Nepal, providing the marginalised and survivors of exploitation with fair employment. 

But that was just the beginning. She has gone on to release an entire line of coffee-inspired pieces, in addition to accessories, a whole new set of tops and bottoms, as well as an upcoming collaboration with Singapore brand Nost. 

(Photo: Paradigm Shift Label)

Yet it all started with a whisper, and a simple "yes" from Audris for it all to happen. The biggest question though, is how did she know it was God? 

While attending Bible school four years ago, young Audris asked her friend: "How is it that people can hear from God just like that?"

"At that point, I feel like I was learning to recognise His voice, but I did not recognise His voice," she shared with us. 

Referencing John 10:27 ("My sheep hear my voice"), Audris said she embarked on a journey learning how to lean in when God spoke. 

"How do we get familiar with recognising somebody's voice? It's when we start to communicate with them so much. Like, when your best friend calls you? She doesn't even have to say, hey, it's your best friend. But at the voice of her call, you know, hey, that's my best friend ... It's very similar in (the) spirit as well." 

Waiting to hear from God also became a big theme in Audris' life - and was instrumental in shaping her faith, she said. 

"The thing about Christians ... is that we always talk about prayer, like us, speaking to him, but we never ever make room for him to speak back to us." And thus Audris said her friend taught her a "listening prayer". 

(Photo: Paradigm Shift Label)

"You know, I always pray and I tell God (about) this situation; (it) is why I feel that, okay, Amen. And then I feel I've done my part, but I actually never really listened to the answers that He wants to give to the questions that I'm asking." 

So what does the "listening prayer" entail, after speaking honestly to the Lord?

"I actually really sit still and shut up and keep quiet and try to not think of my own good idea and good solutions," said Audris. "I allowed the Lord to speak to me. In the sense - I won't say a thing back to Him until I feel something comes to me." 

But there is more. 

"The key here is to not doubt," Audris emphasised. "When we are beginning to hear from the Lord, it's so easy to doubt, like, was that thought from me? Or was that from the devil or was it actually from God?"

"I think the key in starting to connect with the Lord like that is to not doubt that thought is from you, but to believe that God wants to speak to us." 

(Photo: Paradigm Shift Label)

What we love about Audris' raw honesty is that it just speaks into the hearts of others - especially another lady who was also on the Zoom call, who has been waiting on God for her next step. Hearing straight from Audris - who has continually said "yes" to God - was a huge encouragement for her to do so, too. 

Meanwhile, we're scheduling time in our calendars to truly listen out for God's voice instead of drowning it out with our own prayers (haha). 

Find out more about Paradigm Shift Label at their website here

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