Why get Small Beginnings Journal?

Why get Small Beginnings Journal?

By Jasmine L

Why get Small Beginnings Journal?

Events. Conferences. Books. Sermons. Podcasts. 

We'd tried them all. And they were great. We love gathering with the larger church (especially missing it in this climate!) and love experiencing God in a big way. 

But then there were long seasons of bewilderment. Having been to church for awhile, we were familiar with the SOAP method to study the Bible, yet we were craving something fresh. 

We were also working out who we were in Christ - yes, all over again - as we stepped into new roles. We became girlfriends and wives; we changed jobs and moved homes. With each new season we found ourselves facing new challenges. How do we live out our faith authentically? How do we translate what we have learned on Sunday into our daily lives, and not leave church unchanged? 

That's when we started dreaming about helping our time-starved, easily distracted (we're guilty!) generation dive into the Bible? We wanted something with a soft structure, with little nudges to push us ever so slightly out of our comfort zone. Something that we could return to if we found a particular verse or theme interesting. 

And Small Beginnings Journal was born. To take a peek, join us on Instagram and check out the Look Inside! story highlight. 

What makes Small Beginnings Journal different from the rest? Why do we think it works? We've gathered some answers to frequently asked questions below: 

Why should I commit to Small Beginnings Journal? 

Psalm 1 says: “How well God must like you— you don’t hang out at Sin Saloon, you don’t slink along Dead-End Road, you don’t go to Smart-Mouth College. Instead you thrill to God’s Word, you chew on Scripture day and night.You’re a tree replanted in Eden, bearing fresh fruit every month, Never dropping a leaf, always in blossom.” v 1-3 MSG

How convicting! Reading the Bible sometimes requires committing it to memory, dissecting, analysing, letting it sit in our spirits. It is not a mere taste and spit. Our consuming of His word could then birth worship made up of beautifully strung poetry or incoherent phrases, beautiful dances or strokes of nuanced tones. 

Small Beginnings Journal focuses on 2 main themes: Who is God? And who are we in Him? We've carefully designed 30 spreads answering either one of those questions, with several references from the Bible itself to mull on. Take your time with each theme. Check out the various scriptures. Write, draw, paint however God is speaking to you. The choice is all yours. 

Plus, did you know that journalling, whether physically or digitally helps clear your mind, aid in trauma relief, reduce anxiety etc. All it took, in a study, was 3-5 sessions of 15-20 minutes over a span of 4 months. That’s probably a lot less than what most of us spend on social media, if we're being honest. 

Deeper relationship with God + renewed spirit and mind? YES please!

What makes Small Beginnings Journal different?

Have you ever started a devotional - only to feel defeated a few days in when you realised you missed one? Us, too! 🙋 And therefore we set out to create a journal that would encourage us to keep going, rather than stop after a setback. 

1. Each section is undated

Take the time. Wait on God to speak (we know this can be hard!). Come back to it when a thought comes to mind. Even if you've been away for a few days, weeks, months ... simply open a fresh page and begin again. 

2. Prompts to take action

At the top right of each section you'll find prompts to put your faith in action. After all, James cautions: "Faith that doesn’t involve action is phoney." (TPT) 

Also, you're not doing it alone. Join our Telegram community for weekly encouragement, prompts and more. 

3. Chart your progress

We've included checkpoints at the beginning, middle and end for you to chart your progress. We believe He's proud you're starting something new and wants to celebrate alongside you. 

4. A section for prayer

Ever said you'll pray for someone but forgot? (We've definitely done so) Jot down their names and commit them to prayer. Most importantly, wait and watch God move after you pray!

5. Devotionals 

We've also included five devotionals for days you need a little more guidance. We've got you. 


What's the difference between Daybreak and Twilight for v01? 

They both contain exactly the same content inside! Daybreak is a buttery khaki while Twilight is a textured navy - we know it can be a tough choice deciding which to get. 


How are Small Beginnings Journal v01 and v02 different? 

V02 contains all 30 spreads and five devotionals from v01. What you'll find thereafter are 52 undated weekly spreads to guide you in your very own quiet time journey. 

Have a habit you want to cultivate? You'll likely find the habit tracker in v02 useful. Take Sunday into your entire week by jotting down what stood out to you at church - and commit to living it out in the week ahead. 


Is Small Beginnings Journal suitable for all genders? 

Yes! One of our favourite reviews - from a brother-in-Christ - is: "It's been so good for my soul." 

We're honoured to be a part of your journey.


Do you do bulk orders? 

Yes, we do! Please reach out to us at hello@ponderandbind.com so we can chat further.