Laying their foundations right. 

Introducing the alphabet to children seems almost natural and urgent for most parents. We pour time and invest in resources: books and toys all singing the ABCs to our children. Ingraining in them A for Apple, B for Ball... and yet.

God is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the A to Z. Our children are first and foremost His children, and as their parents, we desire to steward them well. As much as it is our duty and hope them to have the foundations to literacy, it is also our privilege, joy and duty to introduce them to God. 

The fun thing about these wooden alphabet discs is that the possibilities are endless. Start them young! It's okay if they play with the discs and use them as, coins, stacking blocks and even pretend cookies. Here are some ways to use them.

On one side you will see the alphabet capitalised, and on the other side a chosen image from His word to represent the alphabet. For children to know and identify these things in their daily lives, for Him to be so near and relatable, from a tender age. Because when things are fun, retention comes naturally. Sow those seeds, and watch the fruit grow. 

  • 26 Beechwood alphabet chips
  • 5cm diameter x 4mm thickness
  • Gathered inside a canvas drawstring bag
  • Clean with wet cloth when necessary
  • With wood being natural, there are variations in grains and tones. We embrace and celebrate all that God creates and we hope you will love them in their natural state too.
  • Download our free A-Z chart along with bible references here

*Please supervise play with children under 3, as this product may pose a choking hazard.