The best way for children to encounter God is by themselves. As parents, we create the environment to set them up for those encounters. This book marries the curiosities of young minds and the creativity of God within its pages.

This beautifully illustrated "Seek and Find" book is packed full of all your favourite Old Testament characters. It’s teeming with fun and exciting things to find—from snappy crocodiles, hungry lions and golden palaces to a baby in the bulrushes!

Children will not only love finding, counting and sorting over 450 hidden things, but they will also learn key truths about the character of our amazing God through the biblically faithful illustrations and retellings of Old Testament stories. They will learn that God is our Creator, our Rescuer, our Provider, and the Real King of everyone and everything.

With over 50 things to count on each page, this book will bring you hours of fun as you seek and find!


215 x 260 x 10mm | Hardback | 18 Pages | Publisher : The Good Book Company