Our Story





think about (something) carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion




tie or fasten (something) tightly together


We believe God wants to speak to every one of us. 

But it’s hard to find time + filter out the noise.

Let’s do it together.


Ponder and Bind was born out of a desire for us to pause in our busy lives, think about what truly is important, and make choices to bind ourselves to the true vine - Jesus.

From Small Beginnings Journal V01, now updated and expanded at V02  - we have sought to gather books from brilliant writers and illustrators for children and to also speak and bless the spheres of marriage and parenting. Through our journals, curated books, and self-designed toys and gifts, we hope to empower you to grow deeper in your walk with Christ, no matter what season you’re in.

If you’d like to say hello, please feel free to write to us at ponderandbind@gmail.com! We love letters. And peppermint tea. And flat whites. And hugs. And dogs (though if you’re a cat lover, we love you too!). We also really, really love cheese. Above all- We do love Jesus muchly. 

If you have a prayer request, do drop us a note and we’d be more than happy to pray alongside you.