As your kids grow up, you want them to learn that the classic stories of the Bible all point back to God's great plan for the world--and for them! The vibrant colours, playful illustrations, and fun rhymes in God's Great Plan Storybook Bible appeal to young readers, helping them connect their favourite Bible stories into one grand plan.

Reading this storybook aloud together is a great way to remind your little ones of God's delight in them, which they can see from the beginning of creation. Young readers will become more familiar with the Bible through the references provided with each rhyming story. Most important, they will have a deeper understanding of God's eternal plan of salvation as they journey from the story of creation to Jesus' death and resurrection. God's Great Plan Storybook Bible is a unique way for young readers to immerse themselves in God's perfect story for them.

PBJ Recommends:

Children are never too young to be exposed to God's word. It may seem pointless to be talking to them about God when they're pre verbal or seem uninterested, but as parents, our goal is to set up structure and exposure so that they can decide for themselves as they grow older. Pick the start or the end of the day to do bible reading using this book, so that it becomes second nature for them to be reading the bible! Like sleeping and eating habits that so many of us pour out time to carve and enforce, good habits like bible reading should and can start from the beginning!

For 0-3 year olds: Pace yourself, pick one spread each time to read, rather than the entire book or large chunks. Find a character/ animal/ element to talk about, and get your child interested by featuring books or toys that also highlight that chosen character/ animal/ element.

For 3-6 year olds: Get them to choose which part of the bible storybook they would like to have and get them to identify where God is in the story. Talk to them about how the characters must have felt and how God responded, and then ask them about how they felt that day and how God has been present for them. 


 232 x 260 x 12mm | Hardback | 104 Pages | Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers